Workshops, Webinars & Groups

Newham Talking Therapies offers many one-off online webinars, treatment workshops and groups specifically designed to help you manage a range of difficulties. Currently, these are all taking place online.


One-Off Community Workshops

Our one-off community workshops help support anyone who feels they might benefit from a first step in managing their current difficulties. These workshops can often be a helpful first step as they can help gain some understanding of the problems we might be facing.  Participants learn techniques and skills to help manage difficulties themselves.

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Treatment Workshops & Groups

Our Workshops have been designed to help aid and develop existing treatment and consist of between 3 – 6 sessions.  These workshops are available for residents to attend during any stage of your referral to our service, including while waiting for treatment to start.

Our Treatment Groups consist of 8-12 groups sessions and are specific to the difficulty you are experiencing. Unlike one-off workshops, our treatment groups allow you to explore your difficulties in more detail and learn to manage these.  Treatment groups are an opportunity to be as involved as you would like to be. Participants never feel as though they are forced to speak if they don’t wish to.

These groups allow us to develop skills and tools over time to fully change any unhelpful thinking or behaviour patterns we might have in place.  They are similar to individual therapy sessions with the added benefit of ‘shared experience’ with others who might be experiencing the same thing. We often hear amazing stories of how the group setting has helped people feel less alone as a result.

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How will groups work online?

Online groups

Online/remote workshops and group treatment offer the ability to access a variety of different groups specifically designed to help manage a variety of problems from your own home or other comfortable space.

The online nature of these groups means that any helpful reading materials and information can be shared directly within the session by the facilitator.  Our groups are designed to feel supportive and we do encourage participants to be as open about their personal experiences as they feel comfortable with.  Of course, there is no pressure to speak.

Online therapy also removes the need to travel which in London can often get in the way of attending set appointments.  We offer alternative times for each of our online groups which can be agreed when you speak with an advisor.

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How can I access these services?

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